Real-time Mobile Log Streaming

Thanks to the log streaming architecture built into the bitdrift Capture platform, developers are able to seamlessly connect to mobile devices in the wild and initiate real-time streaming sessions. Developers can specify complex queries that indicate what kind of logs should be streamed, and the bitdrift SaaS will pipe logs from any device connected to the SaaS directly to the developer without being stored anywhere.
  • Witness logs as they happen, directly from your mobile devices in production

  • Rest easy with authenticated access via the bitdrift SaaS, prioritizing the security of your data

  • Customize your log streaming experience by specifying devices and logs of interest through a custom query format

Log Streaming section image

Today log streaming can be used via our intuitive CLI (Command-Line Interface). This tool is responsible for authenticating users with the bitdrift SaaS in order to access mobile devices associated with their account. The CLI empowers developers to specify expressions, determining which devices and logs are streamed, offering a personalized and efficient log streaming experience.

The Capture SDK provides a convenience mechanism for generating a short code that facilitates attaching to a specific mobile device. This can be used by developers or customer support to allow real-time debugging of a specific customer device in seconds.

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