The Capture SDK was designed to offer a small, featherweight library that can be added to mobile applications without having to worry about any impact to user experiences. Clocking in at under a megabyte compiled, it offers bounded, predictable resource consumption and highly optimized performance, with:
  • High volume, asynchronous local storage and persistence

  • Compact binary formats

  • Compressed communication between client and server that keeps improving as more data is exchanged

  • Configurable memory, disk, and CPU utilization

  • Real-time configuration hot swapping


The SDK's core is implemented in the Rust language and shared by the bitdrift family of products on both server and mobile. It resulted in a blazingly fast, concurrent, and memory safe core library, with thin native wrappers for iOS and Android, ensuring consistent behavior and feature set for each platform.

Capture by bitdrift is currently deployed on over 150 million devices, and has been tested rigorously with a wide variety of hardware devices. Every single aspect is fully configurable, with changes applied in real-time to all connected clients thanks to a persistent, bidirectional streaming connection to the bitdrift control plane. Already optimized for high performance and efficient resource utilization, settings can be further customized based on client requirements and use cases, down to the individual device level.

The SDK performs most of its work on its own background threads, and great care was taken to minimize the impact the SDK has on the rest of the application. Almost all operations are asynchronous, batched, and with special care around telemetry emission and capture, resulting in low overhead collection of data. Usable from any thread, the great majority of processing is moved off the caller's thread and into the aforementioned background threads.

The Capture SDK, combined with the highly flexible, real-time control over persistence provided by the bitdrift control plane, gives developers an industry first: free observability on mobile clients.

Read more about SDK performance in the documentation.

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