Real-time control

bitdrift's special sauce is local storage of telemetry data in the ring buffer coupled with a sophisticated real time control plane that can dynamically program individual clients to search for a specific set of events locally, and only upload relevant telemetry when and if those events occur.
  • Target individual devices for unmatched dynamic introspection

  • Update remote device configurations in milliseconds

Real-time control

While the ring buffer enables client side storage, storage is only as good as the control plane that tells each client under what conditions to transmit data. Brought to you by the team that created Envoy and fundamentally changed how the industry interacts with network appliances via real time distributed control, the bitdrift control plane enables sophisticated real time targeting of client cohorts based on arbitrary metadata. Configurations can be updated in milliseconds and sent to all clients, a specific OS, a specific OS version, all users in a geographic area, down to the granularity of individual clients.
Ring Buffer

The combination of real time control and efficient local storage at the edge changes the observability game: collect as much telemetry as possible; only ingest the data needed to investigate the problem at hand; reduce cognitive overload from data that is never read; reduce costs; reduce time to resolution.

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