Use Case — Analytics and Funnels

Funnel analysis specifically designed for mobile devices

Build granular, actionable funnels that give you insight into how your user experience, from optimizing onboarding to debugging purchasing and payment flows. With Capture’s Ring Buffer and real-time control plane, you can make adjustments to refine your funnels in real time without needing to redeploy your app.
Funnel analysis hero
Build a funnel with any log or signal
Using Capture’s Workflows to target specific devices, logs, or contexts, you can build funnels with any number of stages and custom properties. Most of what you need is covered by default Capture telemetry, but you can add whatever custom events you want with the SDK’s Logger.
Rich visualization and conversion stats
As soon as you hit that “Deploy Workflow” button, start watching your customers’ journey in real time. Data immediately starts flowing into a [beautiful | clean | clear] funnel visualization that shows conversion and absolute numbers for each step . You don’t have to wait hours or days to see their behavior.
Refine your funnel in real time
Getting your funnels right can take a few tries to dial in. With Capture, instead of waiting weeks or months for mobile updates to roll out, you’re able to quickly tune your funnels in real time as you learn more about your customers’ behavior. Figure out that drop off in minutes instead of months!

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