Use Case — Live Streaming and Debugging

Debug in real time by streaming device logs directly

Bitdrift Capture allows you to stream logs from a physical device, including metadata about HTTP calls, without needing to attach a debugger. You can execute broad queries to target any devices that match log criteria, or even connect to a specific single device, all with negligible performance impact and security and privacy in mind.
Live streaming hero
Squash hard to reproduce bugs
Sometimes production issues can only be reproduced in a specific network environment. Capture lets you connect directly to devices experiencing the issue so you can understand what’s going on without the reproduction headache.
Search by expression or connect to a specific device
Start by specifying an expression that tells Capture the kind of device you want to connect with and what logs you’re looking for, e.g. bd tail ios loglevel debug for iOS devices and debug logs. Capture automatically attaches to one or more running client sessions that match your criteria, and coordinates selecting only a small number of devices to minimize performance impact.
Connect to a specific device for live debugging
Capture allows you to connect to a specific device for a live end-user debugging session. With the SDK you can generate a TemporaryDeviceCode and stream logs from the device for triaging issues observed by testers, customers, etc.
Privacy and compliance first
Streaming sessions are ephemeral and never persisted to disk. Even if sensitive information ends up being streamed, nothing is ever recorded.

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