Keep up to date with the latest changes from bitdrift. You can find all the SDK updates in our docs: Android, iOS

Added new workflows tab to Explorations home page

We added a new starting tab to the Explorations home page so you can easily see and sort through your available workflows. You can now easily see which workflows you have deployed, mark workflows as favorites, filter by active, owned, unowned, and favorited workflows, and see how many connected devices your tenant currently has.

Incorrect minimap scrubber position

Fixed a bug where the minimap scrubber would not update its position when zooming in/out.

bitdrift is now SOC2 compliant

We achieved SOC2 compliance! This means that our platform meets the highest standards for security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data. See the announcement here.

Navigating between workflows causes content shift

Fixed a bug where navigating between workflows would result in expanded explorations being collapsed, and scroll position being lost.

Unable to update workflow names

Fixed a bug where workflows could not be renamed.

Session Replay screens appearing out of order

Fixed a bug where screens in the Session Replay panel would appear out of order when navigating the timeline.

Disappearing workflow nodes bug

Fixed several bugs which contributed to nodes moving or disappearing from the workflow editor when editing a node via a modal, or when deploying a workflow in a pending state.

Expanded lookback period for plotted charts

We've increased the lookback period for charts to 30 days. Now you can analyze your data over a longer period of time.

date picker in action

Revamped Explorations home

We've completely redesigned our Explorations home page. It now features helpful resources to streamline your onboarding experience and boost your progress.

Product walkthroughs

Explore the basics of the Capture platform with guided tours. Launch them anytime from the new Explorations home page.

Public changelog available

Product Changelog now publicly available. Keep up to date with all the bitdrift changes and improvements in this feed.

Quality of life additions to command palette

We've added a few new commands to help you navigate the app more easily.

  • Within Explorations begin typing to jump directly to an existing workflow, or select an exploration to see all available workflows.
  • From any service, enter a Session ID to jump directly to that Session within Timeline.
Capture SDK logging integration libraries

Released companion libraries to automatically forward logs to Capture when using existing 3rd party logging libraries: Timber on Android / CocoaLumberjack, and SwiftyBeaver on iOS. Head over to our docs for instructions on how to integrate them into your apps.