bitdrift’s advanced Funnel product is a game-changer for mobile app observability. It offers seamless, code-free funnel creation, real-time data analysis, and deep insights into user behavior, all aimed at enhancing user experiences and boosting conversion.
  • Build a funnel on the fly with any existing log or signal

  • Deploy to millions of devices in seconds

  • Watch user behavior in real time

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Using the rich matching logic from Capture’s Workflows, developers can build complex, multi-stage funnels to monitor user behavior, without having to code and deploy an app release. Use Capture’s rich set of built in telemetry, or any existing log or signal in an application, even if these aren’t being sent to server side observability or analytics stores. Build funnels to optimize onboarding flows, debug purchasing and payments conversion issues, understand fraud friction tradeoffs, enhance user journeys, and many more use cases.

Once deployed, data streams in real time as users interact with the application. Developers can zero in on exactly the user behavior they want to see, use the insights gained to immediately refine their funnel, all without a mobile app release! The experience of creating, changing, and deploying funnels takes minutes, rather than months, even to millions of devices.

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