Use Case — Error Reporting

Error reporting that leads to real fixes

bitdrift Capture goes beyond static, point in time error reporting and gives you the tools to find and fix critical bugs fast: infinite logging, targeted workflows, real-time streaming, and more. It’s a completely new way of thinking about observability, and we think you’ll love it.
Error reporting hero
The context you need to identify issues
Knowing that an error happened isn’t all that useful if you don’t know what events led up to it. With Capture you can see the whole picture. Granular events for every user interaction, plus the ability to adjust them on the fly, means less scrambling and faster TTR.
Set it and forget it (or don’t)
With most observability vendors, you need to carefully curate which events you send, lest your end of month bill give you a heart attack. With Capture, you don’t need to think about that at all. Our patented Ring Buffer uses on-device local storage and an intelligent matching and routing layer to give you control over what data you persist, in real-time.
Skip the mobile release cycle
If you’re already logging the event you need to debug an issue, you’re lucky. And if you’re not, with Capture you’re also lucky: you can granularly target specific devices based on OS information, app data, network details, etc. and toggle instrumentation in real time, all without needing to redeploy.
SDK support for all major mobile platforms
Bitdrift Capture has SDKs for iOS via CocoaPods or SPM, Android, and React Native, with more on the way. You can log everything by default, plus add custom logs via the Logger object.

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