Aggregated Insights

Insights provides detailed visualizations and breakdowns of what’s happening in your mobile fleet, all built on top of bitdrift’s radically cost effective and high-vis approach to mobile observability.
Interested in slicing and dicing app versions, mobile phone models, connected network types, and more? We got you covered!
    Real-time control

    Included as part of every workflow, bitdrift captures detailed metadata about the attributes of the users and their devices. Rather than manually looking through example sessions to find commonalities and patterns amongst impacted users, bitdrift will visualize these breakdowns automatically.
    Real-time control

    These insights are invaluable in deeply understanding the shape of a problem and rapidly working towards a solution. Which app versions are affected? Are there any commonalities in mobile device models? What about OS versions, or network attributes? With a variety of visualization and comparison options, you have a real time view of impacted users.

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